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These are some of the strangest and most beautiful insects you will ever see. What are they called? Beats me! Some of them may be as of yet undiscovered . If you know their names, please tell me.


All pictures are taken by Goff Ministries missionaries while on the field spreading the gospel of Jesus.


Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures full size.

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Bullet_Ant.jpg (57441 bytes) grasshopper.jpg (100926 bytes) Caterpillar.jpg (79808 bytes) Scorpion.jpg (81307 bytes) Giant_Cockroach.jpg (68370 bytes)
Leaf_Bug.jpg (111942 bytes) Little_Rooster.jpg (76888 bytes) Moth.jpg (115048 bytes) Caterpillars.jpg (156037 bytes) Leaf_Bug_2.jpg (91708 bytes)
butterfly.jpg (70658 bytes) Caterpillar_2.jpg (76296 bytes)









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