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What can I say about these high quality animal photographs?  There’re Great!  That’s what.  And I know you will agree. Jaguars, Lions, Macaws & much more.  All free!


All pictures are taken by Goff Ministries missionaries while on the field spreading the gospel of Jesus.


Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures full size.

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lion.jpg (101424 bytes) muton1.jpg (101590 bytes) ocelot.jpg (101427 bytes) piranha_teeth.jpg (58765 bytes) Amazon_Agouti.jpg (206552 bytes)
Macaw_1.jpg (263344 bytes) Macaws_1.jpg (257062 bytes) ocelot_2.jpg (134103 bytes) Python.jpg (133106 bytes) Tortoise.jpg (139475 bytes)
Tucan_1.jpg (145031 bytes) Amazon_Tree_Duck.jpg (96784 bytes) Amazon_Agouti_Paca.jpg (118501 bytes) Amazon_Brown_Curassow.jpg (96742 bytes) havalina.jpg (145027 bytes)
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